Love, Hate and the cyber space

Emotional relationship is a god gifted prize for every individual, for when it is made with positive mode, it may create heaven on earth, but when it breaks, it may pull out the Satan out of you. The cyber space further helps this “Satan” to create Satanic catastrophe.
            I was going through some old news links of cyber flame and read about revenges for failed relationships through internet. In India still, many parents prefer to marry their girl as per their choice and as such bring them up with a close conservative outlook. But then when the girl goes for higher education, it is obvious that she attracts opposite sexes as the obvious rule of nature. He likes her, befriends her and takes her mobile number or email informations, gets to know more about her through social networking websites and starts exchanging sweet messages. Well, that is the best way to hide one’s affair from the computer semi-illiterate older generations. 
Imagine the situation ten years’ back…….. The boy , residing in the same city gets romantically inclined to the girl and lets her know his feelings through a “love letter”. When it reaches parents or very dominating grand parents, all hell break loose and either the girl is accompanied to the college by her elders ( in case she is adamant enough to finish off her education) or she is confined in her house and well prepared aunts, grand parents, sisters, cousins and even sisters in law make her understand how beautiful the life would be after she gets married with the chosen groom and not the “Devdas”. The heart broken chap either takes to drinking or goes in deep depression or he gets more determined to “prove himself”.
The millennium, marked by advanced technology which gripped every individual’s life, brought these sorts of broken hearts a wonderful opportunity to take revenge publicly. They log in with their favorite networking websites and pull the ex sweet heart from the deep corners of their hearts to virtually mutilate her. It is easy to virtually take revenge on women than men because of their sexuality. The broken hearts thus become violent sexual assaulters when they start vandalizing the virtual identity of their ex sweet hearts’, thus creating a numerous range  of cyber offences like cyber sexual bullying, morphing the pictures, creating the girl’s profiles with obscene informations giving away her phone numbers and house address, asking men in search of sexual partners to contact her.  Such individual feels happier with each distress call from the girl asking him to stop …… and why not? He starts feeling that the girl is going through the same pain now as he would have gone through due to the rejection; never knowing and understanding the fact that he had finally turned into a cyber predator himself and a very chosen “offender “ as the laws term these acts as “offences”.
But Man, please think once again………… is this the way to show your love and hatred for the woman who has broken your heart? Remember, she may have thousand reasons to say No and maximum of these reasons could be true. But then an educated man of generation Y must understand that cyber space is not a dueling ground to win back his self respect. This is an open book to show the world how you progress your thoughts and not defame or demoralize others.

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