Woman you need to go the police … but when?

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Friends, I was busy in creating
our Centre of Cyber victim counseling for Indian cyber victims(http://www.cybervictims.edu.tf/).
Whoooooooooooof, so many obstacles when you plan to do some innovative work and
how I was attacked? …. through internet obviously. I was stalked
(stalked and me… o yeah… I am also a net surfer after all), bullied
(yes my “friends” on the other side picked up verbal duet to make me understand
how silly I am ) defamed ( I was “complained” about to my founder
–partner of the Centre and even to various forum boards where I had written
about my Centre) and still I am virtually alive……Was this another way to
humiliate women?well, from a very feminist view , I would say YES .I am not the
only one who had to go through such critical virtual life . Remember? some
times ago two young researchers ( they dont belong to our country and this
proves how women are targeted every where) were bullied severely in the open
forums, blogs websites etc for their personal views which they felt very much
“justified”…………. then came the case of the blogger who had
expressed her thoughts about the famous model in her own personal blog…….
unfortuanely in this case both were women and both were equally humiliated by
millions of internet users by way of “gossips”.
It hurts you know……….. not
because I am a woman ( well, for all other women who have gone though this) and
have emotions a little deeper than my male counterparts, but because I was humiliated
without any mistakes of mine.Yup.. that’s what the women victims in most cases
feel and I am one of them.Well, I must mention that my critics are my best
friends , but dude cant you use softer language ? come on .. this is NET
..people are watching you , me and millions of participators/ creators  of
“flaming words” in various communities , forums and websites.
 We are human beings and do we need this humiliations from a  wider
  Now the question is
should I have complained to the police? Some  of my friends say YES I
SHOULD HAVE , others say no , you need not. Why not? I am a woman you know and
anyone who dares to point at me I dare to take them to the police ……………….the
“yes” friends told me. But then why didn’t I go? Hmmmmm something to be
discussed and debated over.
  1. When you are a woman and you are being stalked by a male identity who refuses to go back home even after you have taken all the safety tips and he keeps on throwing “peculiar” mails or eve teasing remarks , go to the police. Tell them you have taken all sorts of defending measures to save yourself and now it is your turn to hit back. They will hit him back on your behalf.
  2. When your email id or your website /blog id is hacked, go the police. Remember the hacker can use you account anyway he/ she wishes to use it. You may suddenly see one day your favorite blog account/website has turned into an office for identity thieves or even porno site.
  3. If you see your photo being used for pornography, run to the police.
  4. Girl, if you see some suspicious person keeps on ringing your landline and mobile phone and asks you to meet him because he claims to be your “virtual friend” whom you don’t remember / don’t know at all, ask the police to help.
But do
remember to visit the “cyber police cell” and not the traditional police
stations only.

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