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ChatGPT : a new legal challenge? by Dr.Debarati Halder

Since November 2022, several stakeholders including those in the education sector have been widely discussing about the new Artificial intelligence based  chatbot ChatGPT.[1] Not so long ago we got to see few AI based human assistance apps Alexa and Siri. These were also connected with internet of things. They answered many questions, guided clients for accessing information of any type and generated any cyber security and data privacy issues. In the legal profession we got to see possibilities of AI based judges. Many lawyers and human-right activists were strongly against this while some actually felt triumphant thinking that AI based judicial work will be accurate and would be giving needed justice to the parties. ChatGPT has created new sensation: not only because it is solving test series[2], but also there are possibilities of probable clash with copyrights of many contents. 

As many resources on ChatGPT had suggested, it works on human fed information and attempts to answers put up before it. There are few implications for this:

  1. For academic evaluations, the chatbot is fed the information and probable assessment questions. The success depends on how accurately and how quickly the AI system matches the correct answers.
  2. Students may misuse the system and possibilities of wide range copyright violation cannot be overruled.
  3. The chatbot is fed about probable legal issues and the nearest legal solutions for the same. The scope of said legal solutions may be expanded by accessing several other contents available on the internet. This may actually make the chatbot more accurate than an attorney farm or a practitioner whose research team may need several days to prepare the brief to support the client. In short, , human emotional intelligence may be lacking while counselling clients, especially in cases of private injuries.
  4. The chatbot interacts with human beings for assistance. Even though the makers of the chatbot claims that it has better data security, at present all AI based human assistance apps are questionable for providing data privacy and security. There is no guarantee that the personal data including sensitive personal data will be protected.

ChatGPT is heavily supported by LargeLanguage Model (LLM) model tools and this may necessarily have a third-party moderator of the information/data. Within four months of its inception, usage of ChatGPT has become questionable from all sectors including the legal sector: consider this thought provoking article on digital literacy training of the judiciary touching upon the usage of ChatGPT in delivering judgements in the USA[3]: Gutiérre raises question on probable errors in the judgement as judges may not know to check the authenticity of the  information received from ChatGPT. Gutiérre suggests for development of a policy to use the AI based human assistance tools for legal professionals and I completely agree with the same.

Let us not forget that emotional intelligence plays havoc in providing healing touch for cases falling in the category of personal injury. Chatbots or any other robot legal researcher would not be able to map and match the emotional injury with physical injury and quantity of damages and compensation. Similarly an assessment designed to evaluate the positive learning process of a student can not achieved properly if the AI based assistance tools are used without any proper guidelines. It is time that we humans tame our machine intelligence  by setting certain guidelines first. Otherwise the precious human intelligence for creating artificial intelligence will be used only for destruction and overpowering the good by evil intentions.

[1] For more understanding, see https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/ Accessed on 21.02.2023

[2] See Rosen Kalhan (2023) . ChatGPT passes MBA exam given by a Wharton professor. Published in https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/chatgpt-passes-mba-exam-wharton-professor-rcna67036 on 24-01-2023. Accessed on 25-01-2023

[3] Juan David Gutiérrez(2023) ChatGPT in Colombian Courts:

Why we need to have a conversation about the digital literacy of the judiciary. Published in https://verfassungsblog.de/colombian-chatgpt/?fbclid=IwAR3X2r9vVJH5HeYcGf_O4cBNoKae4_TouFLH36TOJqZ1B954NTqLFnrgFug on 23-02-2023 . Accessed on 23-02-2023

Gender and internet : Cyber law magazine for women news update May 31-June 08, 2022

Derbyshire Police community security officer who was in charge for safeguarding children from cyber crimes gets 27 months sentence from Derby Crown court for filming, possesing and unauthorized distribution of images of children in the changing rooms.

Pakistani nationals get arrested for secretly filming women in Turkey and sharing objectionable images of them on social media.

Nepali women strengthen their protest against sexual exploitation through #metoo movement on the social media and share horrific details of such exploitation over social media platforms.

Male university student from Nigeria posing as American widow pleads guilty in the court for defrauding and impostering for fraudulent monetary gain from victims. Court awards conviction and strict punishment.

Gender and Internet : Cyber law monthly magazine for women news update :30th November, 2021 -31st December, 2021

Image courtesy: Debarati Halder

American video game developer Riot Games agrees to pay $100m in a class suit for gender discrimination for various offences including allowing to develop email chain to rate the comapny’s hottest women employees, showing unsolicited images of male genitalia to women employees by their bosses and colleagues.

Philippines Department of Justice brings out draft of guidelines for cases of Gender-Based Online Sexual Harassment (GBOSH) under Republic Act (RA) No. 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act to facilitate evidence gathering and case building for supporting victims of gender abuse online

Madras High court in Tamil Nadu, India takes suo motu cognizance in a case where lawyer was seen in objectionable position with a woman while virtual hearing was going on. Court also orders for prohibiting of circulation of the said clip on internet.

YouTuber in Nepal gets arrested by police for creating and sharing obscene contents on YouTube and a Kathmandu court had remanded him. The police has initiated case against him primarily under Electronic Transactions Act, 2008.

Man gets 13 year jail term in Pakistan for alluring woman with job offer and then creating and sharing obscene photographs on social networking sites and extorting money from victim.

SriLankan woman living in Cyprus gets trapped in romance scam by Indian National from Tamil Nadu, India. Police arrested the accused and initiated case proceedings under Indian Penal COde and Indian Information Technology Act, 2000(amended in 2008).

Indian woman uses honey trapping for extorting money from men. The woman allegedly allured men and then filed false rape cases on the basis of communications over the phone and physical meetings for extorting money. Police arrested the woman and had initiated investigation under different legal provisions and is also scanning the electronic devices for further evidences.

Pakistan female actor snapped smoking inside her car and the video goes viral attracting trolls and abusers. Cybercrime wing of Federal Investigation Agency, Sindh, Pakistan, warns every one to not to share the video without consent of the actor.

Tiktok moderator in the US files suit against the company in a California court for exposing her to extreme graphic violent contents which significantly affected her mental health.

Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for October 25- November, 30. 2021

#orangetheworld #Endviolenceagainstwomen #stopcybercrimesagainstwomen Image courtesy : UN Women

Police arrests man for sending lewd texts, threat messages and repeated calls to a female actor in India and charges him under different provisions of Information Technology Act. The accused is produced before the magistrate and sent for judicial custody for 10 days.

Woman falls into the trap of e-commerce fraudsters, shares bank account details and looses a little fortune. After making a police report immediately, the fraudsters’ details along with the bank details were tracked and frozen by the police. The woman received the lost amount to her bank account within record time.

Report suggests female gamers in Australia are preferring more online games than socializing and going for dating on physical space.

Man appears semi naked in virtual courtroom hearing for Karnataka High-count, Karnataka, India in spite of senior woman lawyer raising objection to the same. Senior lawyer plans to lodge sexual harassment compliant against the man.

Man shares rape threats to the infant daughter of the celebrity Indian cricketer and gets arrested by the police in India. he is charged with offences including child online sexual abuse, criminal intimidation, defamation etc.

Leicester police starts investigation for illegal live streaming of paid for TV programs and arrested woman over suspicion of livestreaming such programs along with another accused man. Charges framed under copyright laws and police warns for consumers who are consuming sch contents over illegal livestreaming platforms.

State attorneys general launches investigation into Meta (earlier known as Facebook) on the failure of liability of its platform Instagram to control harmful impact on children.

Police warns users of social media to secure their profiles as women in Victoria, Australia faces sextortion by perpetrators who culled out sensitive personal data by unauthorisedly accessing the profiles of the friends of the victims.

Norwich doctor uses pinhole camera for voyeurism purposes targeting women in his home, female doctors, nurses and mother of a child patient. He is charged with offences of voyeurism and has now been pleaded guilty for several offences in the nature of cyber crimes targeting women including voyeurism, unauthoirsedly accessing icloud system and douwnloading naked photos etc. He is punished with jailterm for two years and eight months by St Albuns Crown Court, England.

Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for July 27-Auguat 1, 2021

Image credit : Internet

Online food seller goes live to show the altercations between woman customer and the former as the customer refused to pay the balance because she did not like it. The customer knocks the door of the courts for filing case against the food seller as the latter’s act has allegedly infringed her privacy by showing her home and her mother.

Cyber security experts raise concern over growing voice cloning industry which is victimising all including women.

UK law Commission recommends banning of cyber flashing and abusive online messages and prosecuting the offenders on the basis of probability of harm on the victims.

Raj Kundra’s arrest related to his alleged connection with illegal porn industry reveals victimsiation of women in the showbiz

IT Expert turns into cyber cheat and dupes many including women who he met over social media platforms.

Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for July 1-July 26, 2021


Photo courtesy : Dr.Debarati Halder

Pegasus software is being used for surveillance targeting journalists and activists including women.

Several men face huge loss in their crypto trade related to cryptocurrency OEN due to romance scam where they were allured to be involved with attractive Chinese women. Hongkong police initiates cross border investigation for nabbing the culprits.

Man continued to harass women over phone and escaped clutches of law by frequenty changing numbers. Police arrest him, sends to judicial custody and starts investigation over the complaint filed by one of the victims who approached the Superintendent of the police directly.

Business gets arrested by Mumbai police for allegedly being involved in porn racket which had targeted and victimized several female actors.

Bangalore police arrests conman who was duping women as royal family member of Mysuru, Karnataka.

Women activists in Baluchistan face online harassment which is forcing them to stop their activities towards gender empowerment.

Cyber fraudsters in Lagos , Nigeria allegedly use nudity of women who are procured by the former, to destroy the evidences when police nabs the crime hotspots to arrest such fraudsters.

Internet platform operators are held liable for online auctioning of Muslim women. National Commission for Women, India takes a strong note of the same and asks the criminal justice machinery to take immediate action.

UK government commissioned review suggests to make cyber flashing a criminal offence

Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for January 18th-January 26th, 2021

Happy 72nd Republic day of India (picture courtesy : internet)

UK man found to have downloaded and possessing horrific child abuse including sexual abuse videos, adult porn contents. even after pleading guilty under Sex offenders Act, he escaped jail sentence. stakeholders fear for reoffending.

Former security technician from US arrested and pleads guilty for secretly accessed women customers home security cameras breaching company’s privacy and confidentiality policies towards customers.

Delhi based Nigerian woman dupes another female divorcee through romance scam in India, gets arrested.

West Buechel police investigates and arrests two women on charge of organized cyber crime for money laundering, card frauds and identity stealing.

Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for August 1-August 15,2020

Happy Independence Day, 2020 (Picture courtesy : Internet )

Egypt prosecutes women influences of TikTok for “violating family values” under “draconian” laws addressing cyber crimes

Police arrests fraudsters in India including two women in a case of online sex racket. Customers were shown photographs of women to allure them to pay money.

Stakeholders file Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court of India to take action against social media accounts involved in indecent and illicit trading, revenge porn etc.

Appeals court in UK rules that using of automated facial recognition technology by police violates privacy related laws.

Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for February 10-February 16, 2020

picture curtsy : Internet

Women victims of sextortion, fake profiles, non consensual porn in Nepal suffer silently as law and the police fail to nab offenders sitting in different jurisdictions.

2020 valentines week saw romance scammers victimizing vulnerable older single women, war widows and heart broken widowers in Australia

Mexican woman violated and virtually abused even aftr hear death when news media portals share images and videos of her unskinned mutilated body over digital platform. Agitated stakeholders blame the ill drafted laws which failed to prevent circulation of objectionable of video of women by web portals.

Man and his female acquaintance arrested for blackmailing businessman in Pakistan for his objectionable private videos that were alleged to have been deceitfully captured by two women from the same gang.

Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for January 7th-19th, 2020

Canadian court awards sentence for payment of compensation for reputation damage by woman who allegedly destroyed ex boyfriend’s reputation by posting about the latter on Instagram allegedly describing him as alcoholic cheater and containing sexually transmitted disease.

Thousands of women’s images are illegally shared from their Tinder accounts possibly for major online sexual assaults and catphishing.

Scottish police buys new devices exclusively for data mining for the purpose of crime investigation

BTech student from India sends friends request to woman only to collect personal photographs from her social media website and morphed the same for creating nude images. Accused arrested when mother of the victim complained to the police for sharing profiles containing nude images of the victim.