Social networking websites and the FUN

Unfortunately we women get most of our disturbances from the social networking websites where we are members. what kinds of disturbances?
1. some one keeps on sending friends’ request and he /she is a stranger . we hardly know whether the sender is a genuine person and wants a real friendship. here are some tips to find out the genuineness:
Check out the persons’ whole profile . if you find any thing suspicious, just put a full stop then and there.
Did you check his wall or message board? if it is open for viewing having a glimpse .
See his photo album and video clippings .
Check the communities he is member to.
You may get an idea who the person is and what is his real aim.
2. You get an unwanted visitor who keeps of scrapping on your message board. What should you do?
check who is the visitor by thoroughly examining his profile .If you feel he is a “real nuisence ” click ignore the person / “block the person” button in your profile and immidiately lock your message book.
3. Are you afraid that your personal photographs may be attakced?
Post some pictures that attract less or nil”sexual comments” ;
Do not “invite” your friends to visit your album . This could lead to inviting more unknown friends through your own friends.
4. Be careful of what you post in your profile. Do not post sensitive data about yourself.
5. Never “fight ” with your virtual friends using abusive language. Imagine if they revert back, you may find next morning your message board full of bullying words . There are chances that many of your friends may have seen these “hate-words” before you found it out yourself.
6. Do not try to experiment with banned , mischievous or obscene communities. this may lead you to even more bigger danger zone.

In my next blog I will share some tips to avoid any cyber danger that you may have fallen into.until then Bye from Debarati.

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