Cyber crime, a crime the domain of which can be extended to many unknown spaces, happens most rudely to women. In my article on Cyber crime against women, which was published in Cyberlawtimes.com, I had shown some major types of crimes which attack women only in the net. But here I would like to discuss it broadly. Cyber crime can be of two types, (1) attacking the economy, which is also called e- crime like phishing etc, (2) attacking the individual self through emails and social networking websites. I am going to speak about the second point.
All most all sorts of cyber offences like hacking, pornography, breaching of confidentiality and security which are narrated in our Information technology Act 2000, originate mostly from emails and social networking websites. Other than these, some thing more which many of us women suffer in the internet are stalking and harassment. Many cyber law experts explained stalking as “following” the netizen, each of her steps, her conversations, and her activities are followed silently. And then one day she receives an email revealing all her past activities, (some of which she may have wanted to do secretly) and then continuous blackmailing begins. I would say cyber harassment is even more annoying than any of these. A girl keeps on receiving emails from some known person, well, to be precise, NOT SO WELL KNOWN, asking her many embarrassing questions. How about this case where a girl is having an affair secretly and some one constantly blackmail her on her boy friend? Or she feels a threat that this emailing person would tell the world, especially her parents about her love affair? Or even in case of “jittery Ex- boy friend” who keeps on mailing her putting some bombarding words? Seems you too have heard of these sorts of cases? The other window of inviting headaches is the online chatting. Yahoo messenger, AOL, G talks etc gives us opens ways to make friends and speak with them. The girl slowly opens her heart, gets involved more and more and becomes addicted to chatting. She never knows when these girli girli chats become little mischievous and the person sitting on the opposite may not be a REAL FEMALE. She sends her photos, and the “SHE” too ……of some other female net user and the friendship becomes deeper than ever. Now the story takes a U turn when the girl this side suddenly finds her picture or her story in a very “dirty” forum with her real name publicizing her “naughty desires”. The story can be a bit different too when she gets involved with a male in the chatting box. Many of us have heard about internet chatting – partners turn into real life couples giving a fairy tell finishing of the whole story. The other side of the story is there are some instances also when the girl becomes a FOOL by her net boyfriend who could be even of her father’s age. The male partner one day asks her to step in in the real world from the virtual world at some destination. Imagine the situation where the girl in question finds herself in a DEN or even in a DITCH . If she can escape luckily, she becomes so traumatized that she may even refuse to come back to her normal life


  1. Good post friend :)Being a part of social and professional sites made me realize that men are also equally prone to cyber crime as women. Let us consider a young man finds his site stage full of pornographic stuff and did not know where to move and complain about the event. Ultimately, such users leave the site rather than fighting for their rights. I get peeved when cyber victims prefer deserting the site rather than fighting against it. Usually, this is due to lack of web literacy amongst youngsters. They are unaware of their rights on a virtual floor and even if known, do not know the execution of the procedure to catch hold of the virtual miscreants. In this age where homosexual relationships are getting consent, cyber crime is no longer a gender based issue.


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