Effects of cyber crime in real life

While many of us know what cyber crime through many write ups is, I am going to discuss here what the effects of cyber crime are:

The first reaction of a person who has seen himself in a “smelly ditch” is SHOCK. He can’t believe it is the same old self he knows for so many years… since his birth to be precise. The next thing which comes in mind is “OH …… I HAVE BEEN SEEN IN SUCH AN EMBARRASSING STATE BY MILLIONS OF NET USERS BY NOW …. WHERE DO I HIDE MY FACE?” the psychology of the poor victim is easily understandable. But can any one guess what far reaching effect these after effects and shock would have on the person? Some gets panicked. He can not confide it with his family or friends. The thoughts of making her “secret self” public, bites him day and night. Some start loosing their basic interests in life like eating, socializing or even working the daily chores. The most dangerous of all these is turning himself into a cyber criminal to take revenge of his insults and then slowly the passion of destroying other’s peace at the cost of his happiness grips his mind. Do you remember Kaushambi’s case? The famous Orkut girl who was killed when she tried to confide her love forcefully on her virtual boyfriend? Or the Adnan case? The poor teenager fell into trap due to his own nuisance in the social networking websites. None of these victims or their friends or millions of readers of this news had ever thought cyber socializing could have such far reaching effect. Could we term it “Cyber murder”? Unfortunately in both these cases the accused some where felt the tinge of insult by their victim and took extreme step to teach lessons to the harasser. The school children were overjoyed to read about Bombay Scottish school scandal where some students messed up with their teachers. What a wicked way to teach the teacher!!!!! But what did it teach? The boys can tease their teachers in an open forum now and the police will simply warn them and leave them by strict note “NO NEXT TIME”. Well, this encourages the naughty boys to become more dare devil in the internet and experiment their evil workshop with the fairer sex from an age when they are not even matured to understand “WHATS WRONG IN IT”? Crime gives way to more crimes and a breed of highly intelligent criminals.

2 thoughts on “Effects of cyber crime in real life”

  1. We get a glimpse of cybercrimes in India and the aftertmath with brief examples. Inclusion of links leading to case details would be appreciated.Growing cyber crimes would definitely create opportunities for specialised advocates to pursue a new and exciting career. Keep it up Ms Debarati Halder. May you flourish.


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