This morning when I was browsing the news paper , the news on cyber crime Bill made me extremely happy . the new Bill would give the creators of pornographic messages a good punishment to remember for life . But would this help curb the victimization of women in the net? well, to a certain extent , yes . Now the bad boys of the Indian Internet scenario would feel their life time more dearer. But pornography is not the only crime in the internet which haunts millions of women netizens. The internet crimes are spreading their net even out side the virtual world and the IT Act just stands dumb struck here. Many netizens who dont know the laws ( well, all are not well informed), feel shocked , panicked and even MAD. I wish to help those who are going through these terrible times. Please read my next entries to understand what are the trends of cyebr crime now a days and how can you save yourselves.
Untill then… bye for now and enjoy the Xmas eve.

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