Some tips to save yourselves from the cyber crime

As promised, I have come back again with some useful tips to save women online from perpetrators in the social networking websites. When You open an account with a social networking website , you may find a column titled privacy policies . Most of the times we dont have time to go through such articles. but believe me , this can be a good eye opener. I am member of some leading social networking websites . I found many useful tips to save my self and my virtual home from all these websites which were quite common . Here are those tips:
1. Never use your regular email address for socialising in the net. Create different identities for different social networking websites.
2. Never display your real home address, telephone number or your parent’s / spouse’s phone number.
3. Be very careful while joining any commuity / groups or forums. Check whther it is having any objectionable posts/ comments or threads.
4. If you DO NOT know a person who wants to befriend you , check his / her profile thoroughly , peed into his/ her freinds’ groups/ personal message board ( if it is allowed) , albums , his communities and his posts in those communities to know him/ her better. Do not accpet him/ her as a friend if you have suspicion .
5. It is not allways the MALE PROFILE that can cause danger , but also FEMALE PROFILE which may have equal threat to your profile . What if the female is a camouflaged “dirty fellow”?
6. Be careful of what you write in the internet . you may not get any second oppertunity to deny or cancel your statement.
Allways remember , a little precaution can help you to make this “virtual network” a wonderful experience .

One thought on “Some tips to save yourselves from the cyber crime”

  1. Hi..This is a great attempt made by the author for creating a “cyber-sense” in the society.The articles are really useful for a person using computer and internet.Cyber crimes are very vast spreading because of the advancement of technology and due to very weak laws.In the coming days,the rate of conventional crimes is going to decrease and rate of cyber crimes is going to increase.So,it has become a neccessity for every one to know the laws relating to cyber crimes and also the safety precautions to be taken by a common user.Carry on this good work..Jaydeep.


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