Celebs and crime

This is in sequence of my earlier blog on female actors and their plight in the cyber crime arena posted on http://debaraticyberspace.blogspot.com titleled “Cyber harassing the women , saga continues for Indian cine stars”.to day morning I noticed this particular blog has been copied in another site without clearly giving the original source, i.e, the name of the author, the web resource etc. What I understand  is , probably in my earlier blog in question, I had taken names of few well known glamorous  female actors and that caused my blog and myself to be taken away from me.Sounds funny? well, that’s it… woman is again in trouble. This is what I wanted to prove as how female celebs attract unwanted onlookers and also perpetrators in the cyber space.

However, I want to clearly mention that if some one is interested to use my blogs or for that instance, any blog of any individual, the work must be properly cited.please do mention the author’s name , the blog’s original address and then explain how it really affects you for good or bad.
Hope this creates an awareness again for cyber crime against women in India and world as well..
Debarati Halder, Advocate

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