Gender and internet : Cyber law magazine for women monthly news update :1st January -2nd February 2022

Photo courtesy : Internet

Court denies bail for the creator of the offensive Bulli Bai app in India .

Clubhouse App case shows women from particular communities continue to get targeted by defamatory comments. Court grants bail to one accused who pleaded that he was arrested on mistaken identity of app creator.

Federal Decree Law No 34 of 2021 strengthens Federal Law 5 of 2012 to increase punishment for cyber crimes against children in Dubai especially in image based abuse cases.

Romance fraud surges up in Ireland due to pandemic and it is now in a never ending situation.

Singapore penal law takes strict action against users who upload/create obscenity, nudity, sexually explicit contents. User of OnlyFans, an internet content subscription service gets charged by police for uploading allegedly obscene contents. Research shows several Onlyfans users aim for earning money by uploading nudes, sexted photos.

Madras High court in India observes that CCTV cameras in spas infringe the right to privacy and bodily autonomy.

US law makers look for penalizing cyber flashing with the new draft Bill on Online safety Bill with minimum two years of imprisonment.

Nottingham man faces jail sentence for using tools for spying, hacking, voyeurism, infringing privacy of women and children.

US based Woman & husband charged for illegal laundering and stealing bitcoins worth more than $5bn

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