Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for October 10- October 27th, 2020

Image courtesy: Internet

Row over Plus size black female model’s photo of self ‘body celebration’ gets deleted after Instagram removes it understanding it as a porn content. Facebook and Instagram are now up to amend nudity policy after understanding the plus size model’s explanations.,-Facebook%20amends%20code&text=As%20campaigning%20victories%20go%2C%20forcing,policy%20is%20no%20small%20feat.

Man sends threatening messages to several while on divorce proceedings: federal prosecutors accuse him and charge of cyber stalking in USA.

Video of former high court judge of India making threats to female family members of other judges and a woman judge surfaces on WhatsApp and YouTube. Women lawyers urge Chief Justice of India to take action against the former judge.

Thailand plans to initiate legal action against internet giants including Facebook and google for not removing contents inspite of notifications from government.

Florida man accused and charged for cyber sexual harassment, voyeurism, cyber stalking woman. The man reported harass his victim because she was ignoring his calls.

woman lodges complaint to police in Gujarat, India against sextorion and threat for revenge porn against ex boyfriend. Man in turn moves high-court to quash the FIR as malicious.–M2vBfmF3pqHa8GezKzlDg3f4NT3HMbCJdA

Man poses as popular actor to allure teens for porn racket: gets arrested under various provisions of POCSO Act in India.

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