Gender and Internet : Web magazine for Cyber law for women News update for July 1-July 6th, 2020

Picture courtesy : Internet

UN staffers showed to be in sexual act in a vehicle in a video Israel. UN office shocked and starts inquiry.

Municipal Councillor offers to resign in Spain when his act of showering was accidentally live broadcasted during a live official meeting.

A station house officer in Uttar Pradesh, India was caught masturbating in front of a female complaint on camera. He is arrested for indecent act and creating sexually explicit and obscene act.

Women take to social media in the line of #metoo in Egypt against sexual assaults and harassment by man in his twenties : some cases are as old as of 2016

Saudi Arabia’s public prosecution orders for arresting man under articles 15 and 17 of the Saudi Law of Criminal Procedure for abusing working women of Saudi Arabia through viral video.

Telegu film director complaints of conman who had been impersonating him on social media and asking for nude pictures from women.

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