Bully in… – The Hindu

Bully in… – The Hindu
Madhumita Srinivasan of The Hindu writes on cyber bullying under the title “Bully in…..”. http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-youngworld/bully-in/article5234784.ece .This extremely informative write-up carries my feedback. The particular section which carries my feedback is as follows: “You are at risk when

According to Dr. Debarati Halder, Advocate and Managing Director, Centre For Cyber Victim Counselling: “There are several pockets which can trap unaware children who wish to get logged in to get connected to the world. Two such traps are social media and chat rooms.
While most of the social media offer membership to individuals from the age of 13 and upwards, some chat rooms which are part and parcel of email services may not have this age barrier. Online abuse starts when such children grow extremely inquisitive and start participating in the discussions/posts/blogging without understanding where it is leading to.”
“Creating fake profiles using personal information and posting obscene content is one of the most common problems. Misuse of personal pictures and spreading them, and also cases of relationships abuse are also on the rise,” adds Tandon.
How it affects you
Since children are emotionally fragile, abuse of any kind will leave a deep impact on them psychologically. Dr. Halder explains: “When children become victims of bullying, their ego is hurt and they may go into deep depression. Suicidal tendency due to bullying among children is well known now. On the other hand, some children may become extremely deviant and may become bullies themselves.”
“They may even learn illegal and unethical tricks like hacking, creation of fake profiles and so on at an early age to take revenge on their bullies and then may practice this over everyone they like. For children, who unfortunately fall victim, I have noticed many of them (especially girls) becoming very withdrawn. Some have even turned to hackers to remove the offensive posts.”

I would like to share it with all my readers. This is especially necessary for girls since we have seen girls, especially older teens may become easy targets of bullying and then subsequently may fall victims of other types of cyber crimes like creation of “fake avatar”, a term coined by me in my article (SeeHalder Debarati,Examining the Scope of Indecent Representation of Women (Prevention) Act, 1986 in the Light of CyberVictimization of Women in India (May 25, 2013). National Law School Journal,Vol. 11, 2013, pp. 188-218 . Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2270061).

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